Top 5 insights to improve Print Security

By Toby Gallo

At UKLS our goal is to ensure that you can implement a secure print strategy. The end-result is simple. Gain clarity and control of your printing.

Unprotected printers account for 11% of data security incidents affecting businesses. Could your organisation be at risk?

Top 5 insights to improve Print Security

IT Leaders should think of printers the same way they do PCs

The Multi-function printers (MFP’s) that make up your print network are at risk to security breaches. Hackers are profiting from a host of new entry points, and one of these could be your printer.

It is critical that there are no weak points in your network. Printers and PCs are comparable.  If left unsecured, either one can leave your network at risk to attacks. To effectively secure your networks: an organisation wide print assessment is needed. 

Networks are only as secure as their weakest entry point

Printers are vulnerable. IT staff may anticipate problems. But they don’t always take the necessary steps to secure the entire network. A tailored security plan can ensure every device in the network is protected. 

Print networks increase the number of data paths that need to be protected

There are more entry points for cybercrime than ever before. Mobile connectivity, telecommuting and the bring your own device culture have all exasperated the problem. 

Proactive management approaches have proven to be successful; a single provider implementing your MPS reduces the number of people who have access to your network. 

Protecting your printers doesn’t have to be difficult

An MFP can have up to 250 security settings to configure. Yet new security tools make it easy to meet baseline requirements and keep your network safe.

HP printers have the industry’s strongest security. Only HP Enterprise printers automatically self-heal from attacks. HP Sure Start continuously monitors threats and prevents attempted hacks.

IT staff don’t need to intervene. The HP Jet Advantage Security Manager automatically repairs device security settings. Admins can be notified of security events via Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools.

A Complete Security Solution

A complete security solution synergises the protection of hardware and software. We help build cyber resilience from the ground up. Firstly, by evaluating the risk, then providing the right device and software.

 Our partnership with HP provides our clients an enhanced level of industry-leading service. In addition to exceptional pricing and support.

We place a tremendous emphasis on getting to know our clients. We recognise that no organisation is the same, and the challenges faced will be unique. Our services work to enhance your competitive edge and aiding your growth.

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