Device as a Service

DaaS is a new phenomenon that consolidates hardware, software, and services into one contract that is paid for in monthly subscription-style payments. 

While DaaS is still a relatively emerging market, it has the potential to be a disruptor and game changer. As the IT world moves deeper into the 3rd Platform era, management of IT will become increasingly complex and challenging. IDC sees DaaS as a critical piece of the puzzle in helping IT managers reconcile their organisation's changing technology needs with evolving offerings and markets.

Key information


Lease not buy a depreciating asset


Cost reductions: Consolidate hardware, software, and services into one contract.


Reduction of IT workload: Include plans that free up resources for other IT initiatives


Accelerated refresh: By unlocking cost savings, drive refresh projects more expeditiously


Security: Deploy newer and inherently safer devices sooner rather than later


Financial flexibility: The option of flexing down, ensuring greater scalability for a company's fleet of devices

UKLS DaaS bundles hardware, software, and services into one agreement, so discounts can be maximized across all three. The right DaaS vendor can help drive increased efficiencies in an organisation's device chain.  

DaaS can help IT managers reduce workload. As the 3rd Platform continues to emerge, managing the corporate IT infrastructure becomes exponentially more complex. UKLS DaaS can help IT managers simplify their departments by transferring some or all device management needs to a trusted third party. 

UKLS DaaS can help cut down the refresh cadence by building into the cost more frequent renew cycles. By closely monitoring usage analytics, companies can move from one-size-fits-all to creating personas that right-size device deployments. This smartly planned acceleration can help organisations boost employee productivity and satisfaction while fortifying perimeter security by eliminating older devices with less advanced security options. 

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